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  • What is a Psychological Crisis?

    A psychological crisis is a temporary emotional condition in which psychological equilibrium is disrupted and rational thought can no longer be properly exercised. The person affected may have to fight with feelings of being overwhelmed or of losing control, as a response to which dysfunctional thoughts and actions can often emerge. It is therefore important to have a clear plan in a crisis situation for how to disrupt negative trains of thoughts, regulate unnecessarily strong feelings, and mitigate dysfunctional impulses. A safety plan that has been written in advance can help with this.

  • What is a Safety Plan?

    A safety plan is a clear, structured strategy that can help you when a crisis arises to make use of the appropriate actions for managing the situation. The safety plan should be followed step by step until the crisis is averted. The safety plan should always be created together with a therapeutic professional or another medical professional.

  • Who Needs a Safety Plan?

    A safety plan can be helpful for anyone who has reason to suppose that a psychological crisis could arise in the future. This mostly applies to those who have already experienced such a crisis. Creating a safety plan is itself helpful preparation for managing a crisis as effectively as possible.

  • What does the App do?

    The app is designed to give you quick and uncomplicated access to your personal safety plan. In a crisis it is important to act quickly. Since most people always have their smartphone with them, the app enables you to quickly view your safety plan and can help you to implement your plan.

  • Is the App a Medical Product?

    No. The app does not serve to recognise, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate illnesses. Similar to a notebook, you can simply enter the steps for your personal safety plan in the app to give you quick access to them.

  • Is my Personal Data protected?

    The information your enter is only saved locally on your smartphone by the app. To prevent third parties from viewing your data, you should protect your smartphone with a password. Access to the app itself is not password protected so that you can access your safety plan quickly and with as few complications as possible.

  • Who is behind the App?

    We are a young company called Blue Bird Technologies. Our aim is to develop mobile software solutions that can help people with mental illnesses in their day-to-day lives. We see ourselves as a social business that primarily pursues social goals. The Safety Plan App is part of our wider app development.

  • How much does the App cost?

    The App is available free of charge.

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